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Our team of experts have successfully developing different drone platforms for many years. These include developing multi-rotors, fixed-wing, and hybrid platforms for various applications. In addition, we develop AI, machine vision, advanced flight characteristic maneuvers, as well as composite materials and a variety of sensors payloads & imaging systems.

With expertise and experience of this caliber, we can deliver pin-point accuracy and precision with each of our drone and counter-drone devices. We customize our products to meet clients’ needs as well as develop new products based on their requirements – manufacturing both small and large quantities.


We can integrate our counter-drone solutions into any detection system that will extend the client’s capabilities without changing their existing systems.

This has already been completed for many companies working with us, allowing them to reduce their costs significantly.

The DroneBullet and SUAG can also be integrated into a variety of manned and unmanned platforms so they can be automatically launched.


Having the right training is paramount to the success of eliminating enemy threats. Being prepared in advance is vital to a mission accomplishment because, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training”. With the right training, real life combat becomes simplified and anticipated.

That’s where our world-class experts and experienced trainers will help you. With combined decades of experience of teaching under their belt, they are going to show you how all the applications work, paired with cutting-edge strategies that are proven to work in the field. These trainings are suitable for all team sizes, providing flexibility for different needs.


Our experienced team is here to provide easy-to-understand comprehensive demonstrations of our products and solutions. We take care of the complicated background technicalities so you can get a simplified demonstration and become familiar with the technology’s capabilities.

These demonstrations can also be accessed in our location or yours. These include real-life simulations where we show how our solutions can be applied across a multitude of scenarios (rush environments, different terrains and dynamic weather patterns).

As well, for military clients that require a demonstration at their site, our team possesses top security clearance to access these military bases – if needed. This is just an example that regardless of your situation, we are here to adapt to your circumstance and make the transition to a more secure future as easy as possible.

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