About AerialX

Founded in 2013, AerialX offers advanced solutions to defend, defeat, and assist airborne threats. This is all made possible by combining our world-class knowledge and practical experience in the field, then applying that know-how to every one of our designs.

Establishing itself as a leading innovator in the industry, AerialX designs and manufactures high-end unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). AerialX’s industry-leading development team focuses on constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in drone design and artificial intelligence. We also offer counter-drone solutions to assist in public safety and defense, by countering hostile drones in urban crime scenes or conflict zone environments.

AerialX draws upon years of experience in unmanned aircraft, radio, machine vision, deep learning, digital forensics, national defense, and more. We combine our team’s unique set of diversified talents to create paradigm-shifting results in the development of counter-UAS solutions.
Whether you are Homeland Security, a government agency, law enforcement or military, we have a customized defense solution for you. Get in touch with one of our experts today!