Drone Video Holds a Wealth of Information and Evidence

From the AerialX Forensics Field-kit, with its dual RF receivers, you can detect and display video broadcasted from nearby drones. Detected video feeds can then be recorded locally or to the cloud as evidence of what the drone was looking at. On-screen overlays, standard on many drone models, can be parsed as searchable text for detailed data analysis.

Example uses of

Drone Video Capture

Capture and record first-person video from nearby drones. Get evidence as to what, or who, the pilot is spying on. If the drone flies away, on-screen overlays can be crucial evidence of illegal altitude, speed, or GPS location. AerialX displays this intelligence for immediate action.

Detecting a nearby first-person video transmission is one way to find a nearby drone and see what the pilot is looking at. On-screen data is also available to provide additional details about the drone’s exact position and bearing.

When detection of nearby drones is needed, AerialX has the technology. Security personnel, prison guards, by-law enforcement, and more, can easily benefit from an AerialX solution in their tool-belt.

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