AerialX has the solution AerialX has the complete solution to Counter Drones

Detect. Defeat. Investigate. All with AerialX.

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AerialX uses wearable tech to Drone tracking made easy AerialX uses wearable tech to
detect pilots and drones

Secure and mobile.

lorem ipsum dolor sit Destory suspect drones Defeat drones
With the AerialX Drone Bullet

Compact and autonomous.

Extract and analyze UAS data Automatically get intelligence
with the AerialX Forensics Field-kit

Fast, actionable intel.

Detect. Defeat. Investigate.

Counter UAS with AerialX

  • service1
    Find targets by
    listening for RF signatures
    with AerialX mobile receivers.
  • service2
    Take down threats autonomously
    by leveraging machine vision.
  • service3
    Extract data,
    analyze it in the field,
    get actionable intelligence.

The complete AerialX counter-UAS solution.

AerialX is fully prepared to counter the threat posed by small drones. With a multitude of retail and custom drones in the sky, smart technology from AerialX can detect, defeat, and investigate every type of drone. The AerialX suite of constantly evolving technologies is at the fingertips of its clients, allowing them to stay ahead of developing threats.

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