Use drone data to add detailed evidence

Investigate downed or seized drones quickly with innovative tools from AerialX. Compatible with over 90% of drones available commercially with more added constantly. Custom-built drones with open-source firmware (i.e. iNav and arduPilot) are also compatible with AerialX.

Innovations from

AerialX for Drone Investigations

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    Investigations can now have
    automated drone forensics
    in one complete solution.
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    Get intelligence
    Extract data,
    immediately decode and analyze it
    for actionable intelligence.
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    Locate pilots
    Detect and
    plot drones and
    pilots on the map.
    UAS Locator
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    Frequent updates
    New features are available
    for easy download over
    any secure Internet connection.
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    The complete solution
    The AerialX suite is the
    only complete solution for
    drone defense and forensics.
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    Get in touch
    Ask us how we can
    add to your agency's
    counter-drone tool-kit.
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