Forensically extract drone data quickly and easily with AerialX

To extract drone data in the field and in the lab, AerialX has developed the Forensics Field-kit. It is a comprehensive solution to solve any drone crime. It keeps data extraction simple by providing in-app instruction videos for the most popular drone brands and presents important information clearly. After data is retrieved, it is analyzed to produce actionable intelligence.

Example use of the

AerialX Forensics Field-kit

After arriving to a large event where a drone has crashed into a group, suspects were piloting from anywhere and flee. Data stored within the drone can be extracted at the scene to reveal where the drone was powered on, allowing for the investigation to move forward quickly.

Drones now come with a multitude of data logging capabilities. AerialX combines all necessary decoding methods in one automated application for accurate data analysis in-house. Many drones locally store all pilot commands, sensor readings, and previous flight paths with incredible accuracy.

Rapid intelligence gathering keeps forces safe by finding out where terrorists are before they have a chance to attack or get away. AerialX provides fast and easy data gathering from downed drones then begins to analyze the data all within one simple tool.

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