The AerialX Unmanned Aerial Systems Locator

AerialX detection is the only portable and easy-to-use tool that will locate drone transmitters and help law enforcement stop a pilot before they accomplish their objective and flee. To do this, micro radio detectors automatically upload detection alerts to the cloud to map locations of pilots and their aircraft.

Who can benefit from

detection with the UAS Locator?

Complaints of illegal drone flights are increasing and so too is the public’s expectation of police to enforce aircraft laws. The long-range nature, and lack of line-of-sight requirement for drone flight makes it difficult to spot the pilot of an illegal flight. Officers equipped with wearable detectors can hone in on the location of suspect pilots and their drone.

Keeping airdromes free of drones is a top priority as more powerful technology finds its way into the hands of hobbyists, businesses, and criminals. Equipping airport security and law enforcement with AerialX detection will locate and disrupt pilots infringing protected airspace.

Knowing a drone is nearby is important situational information that cannot be understated. AerialX provides actionable intelligence on the locations of enemy drone control stations and the drones themselves. AerialX can integrate its solutions into existing command control systems in collaboration with interested parties.

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