Get Immediate Intel with AerialX

From the AerialX software included with the Forensic Field-kit, analyzed information can be browsed for clues at lightning speed. Efficiently processing data in the field is a key feature of our data analysis tools. We want our clients to be able to generate actionable intelligence as fast as possible so their investigation can move forward while the trail is still hot.

Who can analzye

with the Forensics Field-kit?

With the included software, the tablet’s touch-friendly interface allows for quick selection of past flight paths. This can be important when needing to know information from a specific date and time, rather than the most recent flight leading to a crash.

To determine the cause of an incident, our software can intuitively display the control signals the drone was receiving from the pilot’s transmitter. Comparing that to GPS and altimeter readers gives investigators the data they need to make informed inferences.

By harnessing the analytic power of the AX:FFK and data extracted from downed drones, intelligence officers can home in on the location of enemy drone pilots.

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